Danielle and Claire are spending the week visiting with her family in Florida.  Now, I’m the lucky sod left to mind the home fire and attend work.  On the one hand, you know.  Florida.  On the other hand, well.  Quiet.

It isn’t the first time that Danielle and Claire have gone on a vacation without me.  Danielle’s school schedule is much more accomodating to short trips and the occasional spring break trip.  But, I’ll note that the first night they were gone and the house was all quiet, well.  I was a bit flumoxed.  What to do?  I’ve spent awhile acclimating to the idea that silence means trouble.  And all of sudden I was inundated with glorious, frightening silence.

I have noticed how dependent my night time schedule, and getting to bed on time, is on Claire and her bedtime.  That said, instead of fiddling with getting some new pictures up tonight, I’m just going to move on and practice not being schedule codependent on a toddler.  Ave atque vale.*

*Yeah.  I keep it old school.  Real old school.

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