The Case Of The Missing House Guest

Okay.  It isn’t much of a mystery.  Adam has moved out.  It was nice being able to catch up with him for awhile.  Or, at least, on the few occasions Claire actually let us catch up.  She’s a talker and naturally demands the center of attention.  Adam was a pretty good sport for all of it.  Even on the seldom many occasions where Claire tended toward the stabby side of her emotional spectrum.  And on the few nights she was up crying Adam didn’t complain. 

On the fun side of it, Claire forced him to share just about every meal of his accompanied by french fries.  Before Adam stayed, everytime someone knocked or a stranger was at the door Claire would panic.  Two nights ago we ordered Chinese and Claire went running to the door.  I assume anticipating the impending french fry delight.  She was only moderately disappointed to discover the truth.  But, she did say hi to the delivery man.  So, you know.  Thanks to Adam for teaching my kid some basic manners.  Actually, for awhile Adam was the only one to whom Claire would say hi.  But, I’m pretty sure that was just to butter him up for some french fries. 

Also a plus.  After two and half months staying with the fam, I think Adam and Danielle and I are all still friends.  So, that’s novel.  We’re a tough family to live with.

Reading Of A Sort

Claire does enjoy her books.  And we enjoy her enjoying them.  It’s such a quiet hobby.

The Trickster

Sometimes Claire thinks it is hilarious to switch the terms of the deal.  Like, I’ll pick you up if you kiss me.  And, instead she’ll let you pick her up, but instead of a kiss she’ll ambush you by pulling a hat over your face.  So devious.  Definitely my kid.

Chairs On Deck

Chairs that go places.  I know I talked about this just recently.  But, hey.  I think it’s adorable.  She pushes her friend Pooh around the deck in the chair so she can get in position to watch her friend the dogknee.

My kid is alright.  Except for when she’s tired.  Then.  Less so.


Claire does enjoy the little kid swings.  But.  She also enjoys sitting in our laps while we swing on the regular swings.  This is fortunate.  Mostly because it would be awkward for us to ride the little kid swings with her.  Most of the time I do the swinging.  Claire really likes the part where we jump off.  Very scary.

Yeah.  I jump from the swings with my not-even-two-year-old daughter in my hands.  Wanna fight about it?  If you’re picturing me getting the swings so high we’re horizontal to the ground and then launching off at the right moment to maximize our flight time well, you know.  I kind of question your impression of my sensibilities.

Rickshaw Training

Claire love Chair.  Claire love Pooh.  Claire love Pooh on Chair. 

Claire spent about a week pushing the empty chair around the house when we got it for her.  She likes walking around with the chair knowing that at any point she feels like it she can take a seat in her very own chair.  The inbetween stage of the above pictures and pushing an empty chair around involved Claire pushing the chair one handed while holding the Pooh (bigger than she is) with the other hand.  In a sort of headlock that made her balance awkward.

Then.  Light bulb.  Why not put Pooh in the chair?  In her excitement, she hurled Pooh into the chair with enough velocity that the stuffed animal actually toppled the chair.  This dimmed the light bulb for a bit.  Because, experimentation had clearly proven that Pooh on Chair would not work. 

Eventually, as you can see, she overcame the stumbling blocks and succeeding in inventing the Wheelless Mobile Chair.

Computer Crash

Two nights ago after I finished my last post I decided to update my iPhone.  In the process of doing that, my computer crashed, my external hard drive crashed and my iPhone crashed.  The fall out?  External hard drive survives.  iPhone completely crashed and less one Operating System and all data on it.  Computer hard drive became over loaded and had to be coaxed back to life.  Fortunately, no catastrophic loss. 

It took me three hours to make my phone able to make a phone call the next day.  Nevermind the ammenities (for which I paid royally) like apps and music.  And my photos.  Which still exist.  But, I face the prospect of an entire night of upload time to get them back on my phone.  Same for music.  And, less time consumingly so, apps.

Since I got what the kids call a regular real job, I’ve been lazy about migrating my media files, like the ridiculous amount of pictures I take to keep the blog up and going, to my external hard drive.  Basically, I’ve been flirting with maxing out my computer’s hard drive.  Which was under control until iTunes decided to make a back up of my phone on my computer instead of on the external hard drive where it’s supposed to.  At the same time, it extracted the updated OS file onto my computer’s hard drive.  And, well, kaput.  Let me tell you, once you get a warning that your hard drive is about to max out, it’s already too late.  It isn’t a warning, it’s a notification.

Anyway.  I’ve spent the last two days organizing my files.  And organizing some more.  And backing up my picture files onto Shutterfly and migrating everything else onto my external hard drive.  It’s times like these that I really really really appreciate shelling out extra for a superior internet connection.  It takesk me less than an hour to upload a gigabyte of photos.  Still, multiple gigabytes of uploads and gigabytes of data transfer and filing makes for a time consuming project for after work and parenting.

No pictures tonight.  Everything is still, digitally speaking, disheveled.  But, I’ll make some posts over the weekend to make up for the lost days.  See how I’m always thinking of you?  Always, I am.  Yup.

The moral of the story is that you always remember the urgency of backing up files while your computer is eating itself. Excepting the last six months, all of my media files live in four separate physical locations. Spend some time this weekend backing up your files.   At least then you won’t throw up from the potential loss of priceless media.