Pause For Reflection

I’m tired tonight.  And, the world seems fairly centered on particular piece of news.  So, rather than compete my Adorable Baby photos with that, I’ll lay off posting them tonight.  However, I’d encourage you to spend some time contemplating how you feel about last night’s events. 

My thoughts are that there is one less very bad person in the world today.  And I’m good with that.  I’m happy that our men were able to do their job and come home safe.  While I think the two are separate, I’ve spent a lot of time today thinking about the last ten years in American foreign policy.  Thousands of lives have been lost and thousands more have been forever changed.  While I do very much think that we’re better for Osama Bin Laden’s absence today, it doesn’t really change any of the sacrifice and loss and heartache of the last ten years, does it?  America’s men and women in the armed forces, American citizens, Afghans, Iraqis and many others have struggled to put positive accomplishments on the board.  I believe today adds another positive mark to the board.  But, as I say, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the other side of the board today.

It’s a good day.  But, whatever direction your politics and thoughts and preferences and world views point you in, there’s a long road still ahead.  So, spend some time thinking for yourself about how you feel about all this.  Where should this take us from here?  What should happen next?  What will happen next?  These are important questions.  And it’s your responsibility as a citizen to be able to articulate your thoughts on them.

But, whatever you do, be sure to poke around the net and take in some of the wonderful lol inducing photoshoppery that’s being thrown about.  My personal favorite is 2001-2011 Hide And Seek Champion.

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