On Chairs

Claire has recently figured out how to sit in regular size chairs.  On her own.  I’ll admit it inspires a small amount of mortal terror.  I’ll also admit it isn’t the most graceful of summits.  But, golly, it is adorable.

It’s easy to see how much she enjoys even the concept of chairs.  Looking back over the many months she’s been walking, it’s easy for me to edit in a certain envy she must have felt towards us.  Or, awe at our fantastic ability to create and manipulate such wondrous monoliths.  What godlike creatures we must have seemed to her.  I imagine she wondered if we would ever bless her with such a gift.  I imagine that like an aspiring tinkerer, she’s sized up, felt out and pondered the method of the magic.  I imagine she sees me as Prometheus, bringer of chair to baby toddlerkind.  I also imagine she frequently longs for me to suffer a similar fate as reward for my caregiving troubles.

All while pooping in her pants.

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