Rickshaw Training

Claire love Chair.  Claire love Pooh.  Claire love Pooh on Chair. 

Claire spent about a week pushing the empty chair around the house when we got it for her.  She likes walking around with the chair knowing that at any point she feels like it she can take a seat in her very own chair.  The inbetween stage of the above pictures and pushing an empty chair around involved Claire pushing the chair one handed while holding the Pooh (bigger than she is) with the other hand.  In a sort of headlock that made her balance awkward.

Then.  Light bulb.  Why not put Pooh in the chair?  In her excitement, she hurled Pooh into the chair with enough velocity that the stuffed animal actually toppled the chair.  This dimmed the light bulb for a bit.  Because, experimentation had clearly proven that Pooh on Chair would not work. 

Eventually, as you can see, she overcame the stumbling blocks and succeeding in inventing the Wheelless Mobile Chair.

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