The Case Of The Missing House Guest

Okay.  It isn’t much of a mystery.  Adam has moved out.  It was nice being able to catch up with him for awhile.  Or, at least, on the few occasions Claire actually let us catch up.  She’s a talker and naturally demands the center of attention.  Adam was a pretty good sport for all of it.  Even on the seldom many occasions where Claire tended toward the stabby side of her emotional spectrum.  And on the few nights she was up crying Adam didn’t complain. 

On the fun side of it, Claire forced him to share just about every meal of his accompanied by french fries.  Before Adam stayed, everytime someone knocked or a stranger was at the door Claire would panic.  Two nights ago we ordered Chinese and Claire went running to the door.  I assume anticipating the impending french fry delight.  She was only moderately disappointed to discover the truth.  But, she did say hi to the delivery man.  So, you know.  Thanks to Adam for teaching my kid some basic manners.  Actually, for awhile Adam was the only one to whom Claire would say hi.  But, I’m pretty sure that was just to butter him up for some french fries. 

Also a plus.  After two and half months staying with the fam, I think Adam and Danielle and I are all still friends.  So, that’s novel.  We’re a tough family to live with.

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