Livin’ The Dream

Whew.  Busy week.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes I get distracted with just living the life, you know?  So, some big updates.  First, I’ve quit caffeine.  Haven’t touched the stuff in 16 days.  Yup.  I’m up to counting whole days instead of minutes and hours.  Pretty cool, right?  Why, you ask, would you do such a thing? Well.  Sleep is pretty cool.

In other news Claire’s vocabulary has exploded in the last two weeks.  She’s spouting off new words every day.  Tonight, for example, she demanded grapes.  When we showed her that there weren’t any she went to the gate and looked at me and said “Grapes.  Car.”  and looked at me pointedly.  So, I obliged.  After getting back from the store I put some grapes in a bowl for her and put the rest in the fridge.  After she finished her grapes, she put the bowl on the counter – where we had put it to fill it – and went to the fridge and said “Grapes.  Please.”  So, that’s pretty cool.  I guess Danielle and I are going to have to start being a bit more careful when we drop the swear bombs.

Tonight Claire has discovered not all barriers are created equal.  She was eating a snack and the dog was trailing her.  So, she walked over to the barrier and put herself in it.  When Danielle asked her what she was doing she said “Hiding.” 

Yup.  We’ve got a fully interactive toddler on our hands.  Pray for us in our time of need.

Oh.  And the picture?  Claire and I are practicing our balancing!

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