If you could, for just one day, do any job what would you do?  I’m okay with these sorts of questions.  I don’t have an overwhelming love affair with them, but they certainly can make for interesting conversation.

I think the crux of this one is in the qualifier.  For one day only.  The meat of the answer lies with experience.  I don’t know about you, but I’d want my dream job for more than a day.  So, if that’s out, what’s left?  Experience.  What job would you like to experience for a day?  The easy answer is something like an explorer.  An astronaut or a deep sea diver.  Maybe a mountaneer.  On their greatest day, what an experience.  But, even then, living that dream for a day would necessarily be halved.  You could certainly appreciate the awesomeness of looking down on the earth from behind the faceplate of a space suit.  Part of what makes that such a rewarding experience is the jounrey to it. 

That’s my primary issue with the question.  My fundamental philosophy on life tends more towards, like, appreciating the journey, man.  Years of training and dedication take that picture and add a depth of emotion to it that can’t be experienced simply by being there for the day.  Guys who shell out a fortune to go up in a Russian space shuttle get the experience of a life time.  Sure.  But put that experience along side a person that literally spent their life working toward that moment.  You see? 

It’s a good exercise.  A great conversation maker.  It teases out our hopes and dreams.  It adds depth of understanding amongst friends about what makes them, well, them.  But, really, I wouldn’t want my dream job for a day.  Not just a day.  I want to live it.  I think my perspective may be a little different today.  I’m about to head on a job.  Is it the job I want?  Is this the career I want?  Are my current options going to allow for a path to the career I want?  I may be too pragmatic for this game.

Now, if it’s experience we’re after.  Well.  I think I’d like to be a lady for a day.  Not in the wouldn’t-make-it-out-of-the-house-keys-to-the-kingdom way.  But, I would like the perspective it would add.  Knowing something that I can’t know in any non-fantastical setting.  But, this falls apart again on the one day only qualifier.  I’d need years and years to gain any true insight.  So, if not this, what?

What if I could be a fully qualified emergency response professional for a day?  Save a life.  If for one day, I could do anything, it’d be awesome to do something that would carry on beyond that day.  Save a life.  I suppose that feels a bit of a Miss USA world peace kind of answer.  But, it would be an experience worth having and provide something that would ripple out through that person’s life.  If I could do anything for a day, I’d like it to make a difference.

On the other hand, impossible dreams aren’t really so far away.  Right now, for tonight, I’m pretending I’m a writer.  And I’m pretending that what I say might make you spin your brain up.  Just for a little while.  Look at that.  Experience.  Work.  And a potentially lasting impact.

If you could do anything for one day, what would you do?  Well, you know.  This.

It’s also possible I’ve completely misunderstood the question.

2 thoughts on “Hypotheticals


  2. I probably should remember that more frequently on a, uh, minute to minute basis. Because wow. My mouth could use an industry standard seven second delay.

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