Dress Up Of The Incorrect Kind

Claire has learned how to put on her own shoes.  And, as any normal of Princess of the Galaxy does, she likes a little variety in her wardrobe.  Frequently this will lead to her picking two shoes from different sets.  Unfortunately, they are frequently for the same foot. 

When putting on her own shoes she’s learned the implication of “That’s the wrong foot, Claire.”  So.  Fun for parents on a Saturday afternoon: Let your daughter find a mismatched pair of shoes for the same foot and tell her that that particular shoe is for the wrong foot.  Instead of finding a matching shoe, she’ll keep switching them from foot to foot.  She gets the joy of learning how to put shoes on and take them off and we get comic gold.  Glorious.

Possible downside: the twenty third attempt heralds the arrival of Gozer the Gozerian.

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