Lazy Sunday

Claire got some Play Doh today. It only took a few taste tests to realize that wheat based play thing does not equal food. Probably, if I’m being honest, it took one more taste test then it should have. But, hey. She’s not even two.

She enjoyed the idea of play doh so much, she even tried to nap with it. When that didn’t work out, she decided to nap with the dog. It seems everyone was content with this choice.

It’s Hard Out There For A Parent

You know, a fair amount of time spent as a parent is incredibly demanding. I center most of my posts around the punctuating moments of OHTHASADORABLE. But, as I say, a fair portion of time is spent reminding yourself that babies are babies and they have needs they can’t quite articulate and that’s frustrating to them and one of them isn’t suffocation.

After nearly two years of parenting, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not unreasonable to occasionally consider throwing the baby out with the bath water. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if you don’t ever feel like that, well. You probably aren’t paying enough attention to your kid.

But, you know. Moments like coming home from work and having your kid demand a hug and then the privilege of wearing your belt totally makes up for the nutso full on temper tantrum that they pitch when you take your “pretty” (yes, that’s a quote; that’s what she called it) belt back.

Also, Claire is cutting a canine tooth. It may kill us all.



The Big 400


The Big 400. I saw that last night’s post made 399. To be honest, I was a bit surprised. Would you believe it both feels like not that many and so many more? I think this picture adequately encompasses my feelings.

This started as an exercise to provide Claire something to look back at to give her some insight to what her first year of life was like. It’s carried on from there. I hope that you continue to find it as useful as I do for the next four hundred posts.

To that end, I’ve got some changes planned for the blog after Claire’s second birthday. It will be time to make some big changes around here. I’m excited about my plans and I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I don’t have all the details nailed down just yet. But, the ones that are, well. They’re awesome.

You won’t like it. You’ll love it. Or, there will be consequences.


Still Tuckered Out

Claire is still tuckered out. This was this afternoon before getting on the plane. I made the point that Claire is sleeping like a hunchback. Michelle made the point that Claire is sleeping…and?

And. Well. Too right.


All Tuckered Out

Once again I am reminded just how much having my family around helps me to keep to a schedule. In this instance, I forgot half the things I generally do to prepare for work on Monday. One of which, as you probably know, is starting my weekly contingent of blog updates.

Claire was also on a new schedule. What with all the partying she was doing down South on her Summer Vacation. Fortunately for her, she got another day on vacation. Today’s pseudo inclement weather caused a ground stoppage in Atlanta. So, Danielle and Claire got rebooked for Tuesday. Lucky them. Or, unlucky them. I suppose spending all day in an airport to get nowhere is not qualified as a win on any plane of existence.

Word play!

Operation Dinner Out

After Claire’s turn as Road Warrior, Danielle and she went out for dinner. Claire got to sit at a booth and stuff her face with delicious Italian food. She seems to have thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Funny thing about Claire. She really doesn’t like to have her hands messy. While she’s eating, it doesn’t bother her. But, as soon as she thinks of anything else, even a drink, she demands that her hands be cleaned off. She hasn’t quite made the connection that if she eats neater, they’ll be less demand for clean up time.

You know, she’ll even walk around with a napkin and clean up drips from the dog’s mouth after she drinks from the water bowl. It’s less like a chore for her and more like a game. I don’t get it, but I’m all for it.

Idle Hands

Claire and Danielle have gone to Panama City for the weekend.  This has left me with some idle time on my hands and no baby doing cute things to photograph.  The result? A newly red background and a text post.

I’ve got a couple pictures worth sharing. But, right now I’m indulging in some play time with my new bestest friend.  I call him HAL. He’s voice activated. And super smart! What can go wrong?