Claire’s birthday started out with her going to Chuck E Cheese’s for a little party time with Danielle, some of her friends and their kids. Apparently, Claire is terrified of costumed people. I wasn’t there. Loud noisy places filled with other people’s kids, animatronics and costumed employees? Thank you, no. I’ve read Lord of the Flies.

On the plus side, she eventually warmed up to them and proceeded to have a heck of a time dancing to the music. So, good.

After that Danielle, her mom, Claire and I went to Build A Bear. It’s something Danielle and I have enjoyed doing together. We took Claire last year and thought we’d do it again. Claire was briefly terrified of the stuffing machine. But, she warmed up significantly when she saw the available shoe selection. Unfortunately, as you can see, she was under the impression that she was in Toddler Shoe Store Heaven. Fortunately, she’s small enough that they almost fit. Unfortunately, ‘almost’ is a very frustrating thing for a 2 year old. We waited patiently while she changed from her shoes to the bear’s shoes and back to her shoes again.

Later, we went out for a meal. Claire took her purse and what I believe was the heroes medal that they gave Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars IV. Apparently it wound up in the hands of the local Chuck E Cheese Chapter 118. Go figure.

And what are we left with at the end of Claire’s second birthday? A remarkably creepy three foot tall balloon statue of Chuck E pointing menacingly off into the middle ground.

Tomorrow, Claire’s birthday party with family and lots of presents. I think she’s going to have a blast destroying wrapping paper. I hope the Chuck E balloon doesn’t creep into my room tonight to wreak its malevolent will.

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