Claire, Photographer

Claire: Amateur Photographer – Age 2.

A lot of people seem to think it’s amazing that Claire can work an iPhone. And I don’t mean touch a screen and push random buttons. Claire can turn on the phone, access the main screen, locate an app that she enjoys on a different screen, select it and use it. She can access the camera, locate the stored photos and scroll through them until she finds a video that she enjoys. At that point she can turn the volume up and hit play and pause as she pleases.

I think we all tend to think that’s amazing because we’re from a generation that didn’t have access to such things. We had to learn to use a new technology for an old purpose in a new context. For Claire, this is really no different than turning on a television or using one of her baby toy computers. She just watches and learns. We didn’t sit down and give her a tutorial on the thing. I wouldn’t even know how to convey that in a two year old’s vocabulary. She’s an observer. And if we do it, she can do it. Whatever it is.

It’s really quite a demonstration of watching and learning. Now that is amazing. It seems so significant to us because it’s an unexpected use of that natural ability. It really puts a pin in how clever toddlers really are. So, beware. Children are clever, devious and dastardly. I mean, the photo taking doesn’t really prove concepts b and c there. They’re just intrinsic to being a baby.

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