Blast. Past. Mastodon.

Okay. Mastodon doesn’t really play. But, iconoclast is totally wrong. And the connection to the rhyme scheme portion of my brain has timed out.

I got these in an email from my Aunt Linda. That’s Aimee, Bethany and Joanna. My cousins.

I really like user participation, so I’ve decided to show them. I spend a reasonable amount of time trying to think of things that could be a part of Claire’s childhood and then a part of her children’s childhood. I put significant stock in generational connections through the small things. It means a lot to me that Claire has been able to play on a toy that was a feature in my dad’s childhood and my extended family’s childhoods. Plus, you know. Added bonus: Significant end user product testing.

So, thanks for the pictures! I’m aware of the other part of the email and I’m working on it.

Ooo. For everyone else, that’s right. That’s exclusive. I’ll bet you wish you could get an in crowd shout out too.

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