We’re watching some soccer on the television and a team scores. Naturally, the announcer drops a “Goooooooooallllllll!” Claire thought that was just awesome. So, in the natural evolution of her fondness of the “Bert Day Yaaaay!” we now also have “Goooaaalll!”

If you want to know who it was, it was the U20 World Cup third place game with France. Who, as per their new norm, can’t even succeed at third place.

2 thoughts on “Goal!

  1. How long til you strap a big drum on her, maybe give her some smoke bombs, and bring her to a. DC United game?

  2. First, she’s already been given smoke bombs as per her ninja training. Second, you’ve named only two of the three essentials of DC United attendence. You’ve left out a luchador mask. So, anyone feel free to send us toddler sized luchador masks.

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