Recently we went to the sonogram office to catch a peek at the new baby. Naturally, we went as a family. At this place they call the patient in first to get them set up and then they call in the rabble. This particular office handles an assortment of imaging responsibilities. However, we happened to be in the waiting room with a couple of first timers. I take pride in saying that Claire may have frightened them.

Claire, already short on nap time, flipped out when escorted Danielle out on her own. No crying, but a lot of shouting “Mommy! Inside!” After the two minute freak out party, Claire decided to have some play time. She found a plastic dollhouse that had one half split in quarters so that it would open out. She also had in her possession her baby doll, which was not a matching set with the dollhouse. Meaning, baby doll didn’t quite fit. But, that didn’t stop Claire from mashing her in there whilst shouting “Inside!” at the baby doll. This may have also freaked out the first timers.

She’s going to make a great big sister.

Claire’s tantrum wasn’t entirely misplaced. They had us wait one hundred minutes after our appointed time  for roughly ten minutes with the tech and five minutes with the doctor. Half that wait time involved myself, Danielle and Claire sitting in a room with twelve square feet of usable space. So, you know. That was fun.

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