Practicing What We Learn

When told it was time to get ready for bed, this is what Claire did. I take this as a good sign that she’ll be a supportive big sister when the time comes. Of course, she may also go on a homicidal rampage. It’s really hard to say with Claire.

That said, there’s some other news to discuss. For those of you that don’t know, the fam is headed down to Orlando next week. Danielle’s sister Michelle is getting married. Mazel ton ducking auto correct┬átov! And, given that we were headed down anyway we thought we’d make a vacation of it.

So, we’re going to spend some time next week introducing Claire to Disney World. I’m excited and terrified. Which, now that I think about appears to be happening a lot for me lately. I’m sure that’s normal. Any road. Given that I’ll be in a hotel in Orlando, enjoying, you know, family time, you might see fewer posts than normal next week. I do have a few posts scheduled for next week while I’m gone that I think you might enjoy.

Also, your normal Friday night video post is still on track for tomorrow.

When we get back though you’ll be right to expect Disney pictures galore for awhile. They will be adorable. I will dress as a Fairy God Mother and Claire will dress as one of the Seven Dwarves. Well, I imagine each of the Seven Dwarves while we’re there. Get it? Because she’ll be Grumpy and Sleepy and Dopey and Bashful and I’ll display the patience of a saint. At least that’s the plan.

Wish us: Godspeed, family Dass. Godspeed and good hunting.

Um, Guys?

Gosh, guys. Great food. What to do? Maybe I’ll just rest a little right here. Yawn. Better roll over to get more comfortable. Hey! Are you guys listening or what? Maybe this will make my point. Look what I’m doing with Pooh! Do you get it?

Kids are funny. Claire doesn’t ever ask to go to bed. She’ll never say “Night night?” to you as a request for bedtime. That would be silly. But, you know. Sometimes kids get really tired and they want to go to bed. And they need to alert you without breaking the taboo of asking for bedtime. Hence: Toddler Kabuki.

Every Thing In Its Place

Last night Claire greeted me at the door. Which was aces, by the way. Despite all the trouble kids truly are to raise, if you haven’t experienced your daughter meeting you by the door and taking your hand to involve you in her play time, well. Then, brother, you ain’t livin’.

Last night she grabbed my hand when I got home and took me to her room. Once there, she showed me the tea cart that was fully loaded. She proceeded to hand me more things to carry. In fact, she piled them so high toys and blocks and such were raining down. No, for those who think I can do no wrong in Claire’s eyes, well. This was a travesty and she gave me a proper scolding. After I learned my place, I helped her pile the cart to its maximum capacity. Then I went to change and she brought the cart out to the living room.

When I came back, I found her carefully organizing all her things on the table. It may look like chaos. And it may have been. But, it was surely her ordered version of chaos. She wasn’t just placing on thing and moving on to the next. She would place one. Step back and tilt her head to one side. And then adjust the thing to a new location. Then she’d move on to the next and repeat the process.

You might think, Gosh. You’re just letting her make a mess like that? In reality, this exercise took up at least thirty minutes of her time. So, yeah. We let it happen. It kept her happy and it limited her realm of destruction to one carefully organized corner of the room. I call that The 80% Solution To Constructive Parenting.

Side note: Claire may have a touch of the OCD. She comes by it honest though.

Are You Watching?

Did you know that Happy Meals come with about six french fries now and a bunch of apple slices? Because I didn’t. At any rate. Claire had a Happy Meal for lunch yesterday. We’ve been letting her eat at her table. She calls it High Table. Seriously. But, along with that we’ve been having to practice eating at one’s table. As opposed to wandering about and eating…wherever.

Yesterday she went into Ninja Mode. You can tell by how she carries herself. While we watched [but couldn’t see, because she was in Ninja Mode, you see?] she snuck over to her chair and started to set a place to eat. At which point she went out of Ninja Mode and coyly looked at us as if to say, “Do you see me breaking the rules? I’m being adorable!”

This lasted until the dog also noticed that food was being set out on the floor. And Claire had to point menacingly at the dog and say NO fifteen times. Istas was basically like “I see your point. But, there’s food on the floor.” At which point Claire packed up her food, walked over to me and began jabbering. I kew she was saying:

Dad, first i snuck over there to be all sneaky like and then i was showing off my Food and then the Dog came over and was like gimme all your Food and i was like No No No but the Dog was like Yes Yes Yes and then i came over here and can you Open this toy for me?

Basically, every word starting with a capital letter was one she said and the rest was a mishmash of baby talk and mimery. It was adorable. So, I opened the toy for her. I mean, what else are Dads for?


I’m not really a big fan of pro football. I am, however, a fan of college football. And, word to the wise. Florida has a big game against Alabama next weekend. So, if you are too you’ll want to catch that game. Now, Alabama is a favorite. Threw up a little in my mouth there. But, it will still be a great game to watch one way or another. And, whatever the outcome, I feel really positive about the team we’re fielding this year.

We’ve been watching the games each weekend. Claire has really developed an affinity for football. So, today I happened to flip by a pro game and Claire was just entranced. The kind of entranced she gets when she watches Caillou. So, we let it play. I think she’s the happier for it.

And, I’m definitely the happier because it makes it a whole lot easier for Danielle and I to look forward to watching Florida games if Claire is a willing participant. So, yarrr!


Heavy Is The Crown

Here we were, working on marching. As a precursor to jumping, you see. Which, incidentally, is a leap she made tonight. And thrilled with her success tried to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. She was so adorable. She crouched and then leaped up as hard as she could, throwing her hands in the air above her head. Satisfied with her success, she repeated it about ten times in three seconds. She sacrificed balance to achieve her aim. Oh well. It’s a work in progress.

More importantly, you can see that Claire has a bit of an issue when it comes to perspective and difference of size. In her mind, she knows that cars are for riding. And sometimes she confuses toy cars for riding. And, you see the…odd outcome of that thinking. When that doesn’t work, she figures she likes the crown. She also likes the toy car. Therefore, through the transitive properties of ‘like’ it is clear that the toy car will like the crown.

When she kicks the combination, you can hear her saying “Silly car. You’ve got the crown! Run around with it! Don’t you know what the crown means? You can do anything you want!”

I think she sees the Roomba as a cross between a friendly cat and some kind of demon. Those concepts are clearly at war in her mind when it comes to the little floor cleaning robot. “Maybe you will like the crown, demon cat. You like to run around. Try it on. WAIT! DEMON cat! Take backs! I call take backs!”

It’s fun to watch toddlers figure stuff out.

Art Redeux

Some nights are just really easy. Some nights you come home and your daughter has colored a picture for you. And then she tucks herself into bed in front of you. And then you put her to bed and you go to bed yourself. Some nights I remember the Pre Child Era was really like.

Tonight was back to school night. So, Danielle and Claire didn’t get home until almost 11PM. I had time to watch some news. Eat some dinner. Flip through a few television shows. Avoid the GOP Debate hosted by Google. What’s that about? But, you know. Basically whatever I wanted. In total quiet, except for the sound of my own activity. It was…spooky. I am unnerved. And confused.

I tell you, I really missed Claire’s bed time ritual. Lately when she’s ready for bed, she’s set about verbally identifying the things she needs. Bookie (blanket)? Check. Sassy (pacifier)? Check. Pooh (Pooh)? Check. Pooh (Pooh 2)? Check. Baby (baby doll)? Check. Sassy (baby doll’s pacifier)? …? ALARM! Wait, check.

Night night? Check.