Proper Dinner Attire

Last night, we told Claire it was time for dinner. Naturally, she ran down the hall to her room. About two minutes later she came back wearing her dinner hat. She came up to me and very seriously told me “Hat. Cute.” I agreed. I thought she was adorable and told her so. She gave me The Seriously Nod.

I don’t know from where The Seriously Nod came. It’s possible that it was me, but I don’t think of myself as a Seriously Nodder. But, it’s a sort of physical exclamation point for her. Whenever she announces something that she wants us to take she seriously, she gravely adds The Seriously Nod.

As you can also see, we’re eating off pink plastic plates. That isn’t because we don’t have clean dishes. We do, thank you. It’s because Claire also found the party supply stash from her first birthday. And she insisted on using them. She’s quite the little provider.

[Seriously Nod]

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