These are from my facility closure day following the Earthquakpocalypse of 2011, better known as Tuesday-a-couple-weeks-back. I found a nice parasol during the course of clearing out The Great Storage Room. We kept it. Why? Because I like how it brings out my eyes. Wanna fight about it?

As soon as we realized Danielle was taking our picture, Claire and I clearly decided to make funny faces. Followed by me embarrassing Claire by kissing her in public. Or, I suppose it was more like “Dad. We had the picture! I have stuff to do! Neighborhood garages to explore! LET MY PEOPLE GO!” So, you know. I did. Turned out she just wanted some Coco Puffs.

I love my daughter.

2 thoughts on “Embarrassment

  1. Lauren has learned the phrase, “Stop, Mommy! STOP!” Just wait til that kicks in. No more singing ABCs for you, dear.

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