Tonight I had a Swiss Cake Roll for dessert. It was glorious. I did not share. Because, well. Some things are sacred. Danielle, however, did share a bite. And, that’s when the madness started. I left my wrapper and cardboard insert on the coffee table and walked away to do something. Claire snatched it up immediately. And proceeded to run around the house making growling noises while licking the Swiss Cake Roll residue from the cardboard insert. More accurately, while smearing it across her face in a glorious chocolate high.

Her mistake was in showing so much interest. The dog keyed in on it and expected her normal cut of the take from Claire. Claire, having immediately grasped the No Sharing Policy of Swiss Cake Rolls assumed a feral sort of prison crouch, with her elbows up, and totally went Smeagol on that cardboard insert. Well, more like Gollum.

Unexpected bonus: Sugar crash is a great segue for an on time bed time.

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