Alive And Unbathed!

Well. Unbathed in the sense that we were not flooded. Also, I am unbathed. At least, since this morning. At my normal time. These rains have been brutal to the area, though. What with the jobs speech, the 9/11 terror threat and a black out in California I imagine the country is largely unaware of our flooded state. I imagine folks further up the coast have had it much worse. A few roads were washed out here. I believe a small bridge along my normal route to work has been washed away.

Suffice it to say, while my commute was long and arduous this morning, this evening was terrible. I estimate a third of metro DC roads were closed and under water during the rush hour commute. I am unnerved by the prospect of further rain tomorrow and my ability to get home. It was tense driving home in the dark. It makes it difficult to see standing or even rushing water.

However, I suppose we shall see what we see.

I find it amusing that my biggest concern was the realization that with all this flooding, our basement might have flooded. And, after we’d completed all that work to make it habitable. And, me, carefully creating a pile of books on the reclaimed floor to await shelving. I was so worried about all those books.

I mean, my family, too. Of course. My wife. And the baby. Stranded. They went and stayed with my mom until the flooding receded and the roads were clear to come home. But, oh my. All those books. And what do I find when I arrive home? All is well! Huzzah!

Also, Danielle and Claire made it home safe and sound.

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