Battle Paint

Speaking of Battle Decorations. This weekend Danielle, Claire and I were watching Monsters Versus Aliens on television. I think Danielle and I proved to be more into it. My first indication that all was not right was that only the television was making noise. I asked Danielle where the kid was. Then I heard Claire trot down the hall in response to her identifier. Then I saw her.

Me: Oh! Danielle, you’re going to have some clean up to do.

Danielle: Clean up?

Claire: Clean up!

Danielle: Uh oh.

Me: Yeah.

As we went back to survey the damage, Claire grabbed a paper towel and happily followed us back to the guest room. She proudly showed off her floor mural. As Danielle and I looked at it, Claire crouched down and started to sing the clean up song while she wiped at the marks with a paper towel. Completely unperturbed that this had no effect.

So, while Claire sang “clean up, clean up, clean up, clean up” and happily wandered the room wiping things we cleaned up the marker spots with a wet wipe. You didn’t think we’d keep markers in the house that were not washable, did you? I mean, sure we sometimes lose our child in the house for five or ten minutes at a time. But, that’s exactly why we wouldn’t have non-washable markers in the house, innit? [Serious Nod]

We later found out that Claire had even colored the pads of her feet. Pro Tip: Encourage floor art and not body art with washable markers. Washable markers are surprisingly easy to remove from flooring and surprisingly difficult to remove from skin. Though, still easier than Sharpie. Can you imagine? Give Claire a blue sharpie and she’d look like a Celtic warrior princess for the next three months. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Battle Paint

  1. This is probably my fault. I asked Claire a while back if she would give me a quote on adding some color to the room. Of course this has gone a little beyond the schedule she originally gave me so I am not paying any more than the non-refundable deposit I already gave her. Unless she says please. Because that makes it pretty hard to say no.

  2. Well, you know Claire. She’s into a very capital M Modern style of decoration. And, while your decorating consultancy with Claire is your own business, I’d offer that giving her an inch for adorability is…unwise.

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