Monkey See

This is sort of a Before & After type of thing. Look, toddlers are very observant. They get it. Well, some stuff at least. And, from Claire’s perspective this makes a lot of sense. See, she sees that if you love someone you put them in their dinner chair and offer them food and drink. So, naturally, since Claire loves Pooh, she should put him in her dinner chair and offer him food and drink.

The second set is the look on her face when I asked her what she was doing.

Me: Claire, watcha doin?

Claire: What? Was that wrong?

Me: You’re silly.

Claire: Mom, what’s this guy’s deal? Seriously, was that wrong?

Danielle and Me: Dawwww.

Man, kids do the most adorable things. Plus, pizza! We won that night.

Side note: Claire calls ‘Pizza’ ‘Pete’s’. It’s…odd.

Riddle: Given that Claire has two Poohs and one chair, has she offered food and drink to the one she loves most? Or, has she elected to hold the one she loves most and given the Second Favorite a door prize of sorts?

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