Watcha Doi…CAILLOU!

One of the dangers when you have a clever toddler that just knows how to work everything around her is that you have to be careful where you leave things like your iPhone. As a parent, I’m not overly concerned about her fascination with television programs. But, you know. She gets fixated. If she finds access to a machine that can give her Caillou on demand, well. That’s it for the next twenty minutes. No point in fighting it, neither.

What does concern me is her expanding interest. Recently, after taking a photo of her she looked at me and very solemnly asked for “Barney”. She even threw in The Seriously Nod. And. Well. Barney? I’m afraid I just can’t support that. I mean, it isn’t the message. Everybody loves everybody. Nothing wrong with that. But, Barney? I never thought I’d say it. But, bring on the weirdly pleasant Canadian boy with the androgynous parents.

Barney just brings back too many memories of my own experience at day care. I was old enough to not be into Barney, but Barney was in vogue. And the littler kids at day care, my gosh, they loved that show. I’ve been force fed so many hours of Barney I’m not sure I can handle endorsing the show in my household.

These are the sacrifices of a parent. Heavy is my soul tonight. Heavy. [Seriously Nod]

3 thoughts on “Watcha Doi…CAILLOU!

  1. When I worked as a nanny for toddler twins, I found that the most tolerable children’s TV show was Dragon Tales. It’s on PBS if you’ve never seen it before. She’ll never miss Barney- dragons are way cooler than dinosaurs.

  2. Dragons are indeed way cooler than dinosaurs. At least, purple man sized Communist dinosaurs, that is.

    Claire is a fan of news programs. She loves the sideshow segment of Hardball. Well, the music at least. And I believe she enjoys the, er, passionate exuberance of my response to the news. I’d rather she enjoyed Jeopardy. That bodes better for Lauren than politics does for Claire. Of course, no one likes a perennial winner of Trivial Pursuit.

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