Art Redeux

Some nights are just really easy. Some nights you come home and your daughter has colored a picture for you. And then she tucks herself into bed in front of you. And then you put her to bed and you go to bed yourself. Some nights I remember the Pre Child Era was really like.

Tonight was back to school night. So, Danielle and Claire didn’t get home until almost 11PM. I had time to watch some news. Eat some dinner. Flip through a few television shows. Avoid the GOP Debate hosted by Google. What’s that about? But, you know. Basically whatever I wanted. In total quiet, except for the sound of my own activity. It was…spooky. I am unnerved. And confused.

I tell you, I really missed Claire’s bed time ritual. Lately when she’s ready for bed, she’s set about verbally identifying the things she needs. Bookie (blanket)? Check. Sassy (pacifier)? Check. Pooh (Pooh)? Check. Pooh (Pooh 2)? Check. Baby (baby doll)? Check. Sassy (baby doll’s pacifier)? …? ALARM! Wait, check.

Night night? Check.

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