Heavy Is The Crown

Here we were, working on marching. As a precursor to jumping, you see. Which, incidentally, is a leap she made tonight. And thrilled with her success tried to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. She was so adorable. She crouched and then leaped up as hard as she could, throwing her hands in the air above her head. Satisfied with her success, she repeated it about ten times in three seconds. She sacrificed balance to achieve her aim. Oh well. It’s a work in progress.

More importantly, you can see that Claire has a bit of an issue when it comes to perspective and difference of size. In her mind, she knows that cars are for riding. And sometimes she confuses toy cars for riding. And, you see the…odd outcome of that thinking. When that doesn’t work, she figures she likes the crown. She also likes the toy car. Therefore, through the transitive properties of ‘like’ it is clear that the toy car will like the crown.

When she kicks the combination, you can hear her saying “Silly car. You’ve got the crown! Run around with it! Don’t you know what the crown means? You can do anything you want!”

I think she sees the Roomba as a cross between a friendly cat and some kind of demon. Those concepts are clearly at war in her mind when it comes to the little floor cleaning robot. “Maybe you will like the crown, demon cat. You like to run around. Try it on. WAIT! DEMON cat! Take backs! I call take backs!”

It’s fun to watch toddlers figure stuff out.

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