I’m not really a big fan of pro football. I am, however, a fan of college football. And, word to the wise. Florida has a big game against Alabama next weekend. So, if you are too you’ll want to catch that game. Now, Alabama is a favorite. Threw up a little in my mouth there. But, it will still be a great game to watch one way or another. And, whatever the outcome, I feel really positive about the team we’re fielding this year.

We’ve been watching the games each weekend. Claire has really developed an affinity for football. So, today I happened to flip by a pro game and Claire was just entranced. The kind of entranced she gets when she watches Caillou. So, we let it play. I think she’s the happier for it.

And, I’m definitely the happier because it makes it a whole lot easier for Danielle and I to look forward to watching Florida games if Claire is a willing participant. So, yarrr!


2 thoughts on “Football!

  1. Roll Tide, more like Droll Tide. [I think the rhyming insult really let me down there]

    I hope you realize I have the power to excise that offensive bit of text. But, your imperfection is forgiven. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be a Florida Gator.

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