Are You Watching?

Did you know that Happy Meals come with about six french fries now and a bunch of apple slices? Because I didn’t. At any rate. Claire had a Happy Meal for lunch yesterday. We’ve been letting her eat at her table. She calls it High Table. Seriously. But, along with that we’ve been having to practice eating at one’s table. As opposed to wandering about and eating…wherever.

Yesterday she went into Ninja Mode. You can tell by how she carries herself. While we watched [but couldn’t see, because she was in Ninja Mode, you see?] she snuck over to her chair and started to set a place to eat. At which point she went out of Ninja Mode and coyly looked at us as if to say, “Do you see me breaking the rules? I’m being adorable!”

This lasted until the dog also noticed that food was being set out on the floor. And Claire had to point menacingly at the dog and say NO fifteen times. Istas was basically like “I see your point. But, there’s food on the floor.” At which point Claire packed up her food, walked over to me and began jabbering. I kew she was saying:

Dad, first i snuck over there to be all sneaky like and then i was showing off my Food and then the Dog came over and was like gimme all your Food and i was like No No No but the Dog was like Yes Yes Yes and then i came over here and can you Open this toy for me?

Basically, every word starting with a capital letter was one she said and the rest was a mishmash of baby talk and mimery. It was adorable. So, I opened the toy for her. I mean, what else are Dads for?

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