Every Thing In Its Place

Last night Claire greeted me at the door. Which was aces, by the way. Despite all the trouble kids truly are to raise, if you haven’t experienced your daughter meeting you by the door and taking your hand to involve you in her play time, well. Then, brother, you ain’t livin’.

Last night she grabbed my hand when I got home and took me to her room. Once there, she showed me the tea cart that was fully loaded. She proceeded to hand me more things to carry. In fact, she piled them so high toys and blocks and such were raining down. No, for those who think I can do no wrong in Claire’s eyes, well. This was a travesty and she gave me a proper scolding. After I learned my place, I helped her pile the cart to its maximum capacity. Then I went to change and she brought the cart out to the living room.

When I came back, I found her carefully organizing all her things on the table. It may look like chaos. And it may have been. But, it was surely her ordered version of chaos. She wasn’t just placing on thing and moving on to the next. She would place one. Step back and tilt her head to one side. And then adjust the thing to a new location. Then she’d move on to the next and repeat the process.

You might think, Gosh. You’re just letting her make a mess like that? In reality, this exercise took up at least thirty minutes of her time. So, yeah. We let it happen. It kept her happy and it limited her realm of destruction to one carefully organized corner of the room. I call that The 80% Solution To Constructive Parenting.

Side note: Claire may have a touch of the OCD. She comes by it honest though.

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