RUSH CUT – Halloween

Here’s the RUSH CUT on Princess Cuh-Laire.

The New Shelves

Also, for those of you who might be interested. These are the new shelves that we had put in the office. I know. They’re awesome. It’s like sharing an office with the new hotness.

Also, I may have watched some of MIB II on the old television the other day.

Vacation Round Up

There were some pictures from Disney that I liked that hadn’t made it on to the blog. So, rather than stretch them out over a few days with previously covered stories, here’s the lot of them.

My personal favorite is the last one of Claire asleep in her stroller after the wedding reception. She fell asleep in the loudest room known to mankind and did not budge on the taxi ride home or the trip to the hotel room. Or, getting changed for bed. Or, being put to bed.

There are some other fun pictures up there. But, I’ll let you make up a story to go with each of them. Assume that it should be as ridiculous as possible. If you share it with me, and I like it, I’ll post it on the blog with the picture. Or, you can just think your silly stories to yourself. Either way, really.

Apropos Of Organizing The House

So, we finally got some book shelves installed in the office. And, while I was going through books and such, I came across this photo. Back from when photos were still printed out at a store. From a film camera. Yeah. That’s Danielle and I at our senior prom.

So, you know. Enjoy a blast from the distant past. I mean, not so distant. It’s only like, what? Twelve years ago.


For some perspective on how I feel now, please consult the following:

From xkcd.

Let’s Go!

And this Claire. Waiting on her mom to go out. It reminds me of me.

Seriously. If you tell her we’re going out, she runs around like a maniac. She gets her purse, phone (not actually a phone) and Pooh Bear. And then if you aren’t ready to go, she just stands there. And gets very angry. YOU SAID WE WERE GOING. LET’S GO. COME ON.

Danielle’s warm motherly response to this? Oh. I should take a picture of this. And, you know. I get it. It isn’t weird. It’s being a parent. With a camera phone. And I like it, because with the Apple’s new Photo Stream set up, it automatically appears on my phone and my computer. And then I can just snatch it out of the aether and post it. Yeah. It’s 2011.