Probably Only The Cutest Picture Ever

Okay, so a bit of proprietor’s prerogative here. Ima skip a bit ahead and share this photo with you. The first one is of Claire and Coby at Michelle and Brandon’s wedding reception. Look, this is the best photo of the whole trip and I can’t not share it straight away. I’ll note that Casey took it. Well done, you.

I’ll post some more pictures from the wedding, don’t worry. But, I mean. Come on. Just stop and look at how adorable the kids are. ADORABLE, I say.

Even if Coby is being…a bit handsy for my taste. It was my daughter putting the moves on him, though.

However, I can juxtapose it next to a photo that I took on our second day in the park. A kid on a leash. Shortly after I took the picture, the fellow holding said child leash watched this child lay down and enter into some sort of toddler planking pose. While this was happening a woman standing next to me shouted at the man angrily to stop the child from doing this. This conversation argument loud conversation went on for several minutes while probably a hundred people walked in between them or around the dog child.

Look, I’m not calling out the use of a leash. I get it. I’m just indicating that child leashes may be primarily for inappropriately focused parents, or grand parents, or whatever.

One of the things that surprised me about our trip to Disney World was not just the prevalence of leashed children, but also the number of children entrusted with holding their own leash. Kids are crazy. Do not entrust your child with rope. They will MacGuyver your end.

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