Disney Scenery

I’m a bit…exhausted tonight. And a bit sore. Someone, who will remain nameless – but is not me – left our house key on the dining room table when we left for our vacation. And, apparently jumping a fence eight feet to the ground to try and sneak in the back door (unsuccessfully) leaves me with some seriously strained muscles. Is this what old feels like? Or, is this the consequence of a sedentary life style? Probably that one.

Any road. Tonight, I pulled some of the scenic shots from our time at Disney. Say what you will about The Mouse, but they know how to put on a show. It’s beautiful there. Half the fun of Disney World is just walking around and taking in all the details. Considering everything is a recreation, you have to appreciate the amount of work and resources that Disney puts in to even the smallest of details.

Most days, Danielle and I just walked around the parks while Claire took a nap in her stroller. I’ve been a lot of places. It’s still fun to just walk around Disney. And, being at EPCOT during their international food festival month didn’t hurt either. There were little kiosks with delicious food every thirty paces. It was GLORIOUS.

One of the pictures above is of a restaurant. It abuts a shark sized aquarium. And, while you eat you just sort of take in the ambiance of the place. The habanero margaritas they served didn’t hurt either.

In the picture of the castle, I’m not sure if you can see, but there was a crane erected to service new construction. It’s kind of like showing up to Notre Dame and finding the outside covered rigging so that the stone might get its once a decade pressure washing. Yeah. That happened to me.

An artificial waterway connects both parts of the Port Orleans (The French Quarter and Riverside) and Downtown Disney. They run boats up and down it for transportation. I guess what I’m trying to really draw attention to here is Disney is a beautiful and busy place to take in. I enjoyed that. I’d recommend that anyone taking a drip down to Disney World allot as much time to appreciate the scenery as they do rides.

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