In truth, Claire enjoyed the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom the most. However, the longest lasting enjoyment came with Michelle and Brandon’s wedding reception. Seriously. They laid out a dance floor and a DJ all for Claire’s benefit. And she let all these people celebrate ni ni with her.

But, one of the more fun times for us was Figment’s Imagination Land ride. She had been having a rough hour. And, as we walked up the cast member was kind enough to note that we could sneak around to the Laboratory and play for awhile before taking Claire on a ride. Best. Advice. Ever.

It turns out, Claire really enjoys playing on other people’s computers. I know, right? So much so, and I was careful enough to document this above, that she totally co-opted another girls design and finished it for her. Thank god that girl was having a better day. Because sometimes, as a parent, it’s just kind of like…let it happen.

In the pictures with the pictures of instruments on the floor, where there are all the other children, Claire was a bit shy at first. The instruments made sounds when you stood on the picture of them. There was another little boy there who happened to also have a pooh bear and who happened to break out into playful stomp-around-and-destroy mode. After that, well. Claire was like “I get it.” And she played velociraptor for about fifteen minutes.

I think I remember it, partly, as such a good time because it was one of those nice moments where Claire’s general demeanor completely pendulum’ed back to adorable. We went on a ride. And then made our to eat some food in the restaurant abutting the aquarium. Claire alternated between coloring and looking at the giant sea turtle and going “Wow”.

And, at the end of the day that’s how we measured success on the trip. Moments of “Wow”. I think going into it we had the right expectations to allow those moments to happen. If Michelle and Brandon weren’t getting married down there, we probably would have waited another year (or two considering the little one on the way) before going down there. At two Claire could appreciate enough of it that it was worth our while. But, we didn’t push her. And, when she wanted to enjoy the bus ride or the monorail ride as much as she did any other ride, we let that happen too.

Key takeaway: Appropriate expectations of ability and enjoyment allow for a good time to be had by all. We didn’t really push to be there at 6AM until midnight and hit every ride in every park. We had some key goals and allowed for them to happen where they would in the general flow of the day. It was a good vacation.

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