Flower Girl

Claire was an excellent Flower Girl. Well, Assistant To The Flower Girl. Carly was also a Flower Girl. Which I think makes for great symmetry since Carly was the Flower Girl at our wedding. Claire’s idea of being Flower Girl was to follow Carly down the aisle and throw the flower petals that had already settled in Carly’s wake back in to the air. Which I think is an important, underrated part of being the Flower Girl.

And, man, did Claire have a tough day. When I finally caught up to Danielle and Claire at the wedding (they had been away doing Wedding Stuff) Claire was all but like “Dad. Oh my god. Have I had a day. … Holy what the what. Where is Mom?”

During the wedding we let Claire watch Caillou on the iPhone silently. Which was a great plan until the iPhone glitched and Claire had to shout death hexes at it. Front row of the wedding! But, for the most part she was well behaved and only engaged in the occasional call and response (not scripted) with the wedding party. Basically, she spent the ceremony being Super Adorable. Which was great.

Afterwords, she decided it was time for her to go up on the altar. Too soon, Charlotte Claire. Way. Too. Soon. After we talked her down, she got stuck with the wedding party. As you can see, she handled with her natural disposition in circumstances she finds mildly unsuitable.


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