Halloween: The Continuationing

Claire was adorable trick or treating. She didn’t quite get the the “Trick” part of the trick or treat phrase. Mostly, she went with the “Treat! Please! Oh! Candy in my bucket! Thank you! See you later!” Basically, adorable.

One of our neighbor’s decorations scared another little girl to the point of tears. When Claire walked back from the house with candy in her bucket she told the other little girl very sweetly “No cry. Candy in your bucket!” And then she wandered off to the next house. I mean, basically, once the idea of going to stranger’s houses to get candy in her bucket was introduced to Claire, her basic attitude was “Let’s Go!”

So, Halloween. WIN! And, the day after Halloween was big for her, too. After a mid afternoon bath to clear up some lingering congestion from a cold she insisted on wearing her “Princett!” She can say Princess. I don’t know why the costume was a Princett. So, she wore one Princess costume until she realized it didn’t have the same twirling capabilities of last nights Princett costume. Hence, costume change. After her night time bath, again to help with congestion and not because we’re crazy, she found her pirate hat. It’s been a big few days for costumes for her.

And, hey. You know. I’m cool with that. She’s having fun and being adorable. Knock yourself out, kiddo.

I mean. Not literally. In fact, we had to teach her to hold the front of her Princess Dress up whilst running about the house in her candy induced craziness.

DISCLAIMER: We have not taught our child to sweep through hyperness. She saw me use the broom a few times and decided that it is how adults play. It actually does more harm than clean up when a two foot tall person hyper sweeps with a four foot tall broom.

One thought on “Halloween: The Continuationing

  1. And, yeah. That’s my pregnant wife in a shirt with a thought bubble that says “I’m Dressed Up As My Mom” holding a beer. It’s cool, though. She’s using it took some bratwursts. You can’t see the bottle of Jack around the corner, though, can you?

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