The One Where Claire Proves Why She Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of Putting The New Baby To Bed

She starts off well. She was playing at the stairs and clearly thought “Pooh needs a nap.” So far, so good. Step two, acquire Pooh. This is key. Extra points for the hug. Step three, acquire a bookie for Pooh. Blanket, also key. Excellent so far. Now, where should Pooh nap? The floor? The spacious couch? Rocking chair A? Rocking chair B? No.

The slide. Definitely the slide.

For me, that’s where the plan falls apart. Now. Replace Pooh mentally with newborn Skeletor 2.0. I know she’s a Super Villain and all. But, the slide? That’s just mean, man.

So, you know. I’m a little down tonight now that my carefully crafted Make Claire A Day Care Provider For New Born Skeletor 2.0 Plan has a fairly large hole in it. Oh my. We may have to rejigger the budget.

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