Chik-Fil-A Saturday

Got a bit of a treat for a Saturday. Claire got “chicken and fries”. Which is her favorite. Honestly. If we feed her chicken cooked at home and tell her she’s having chicken she looks at us thoughtfully and says “and fries.”

Me: Claire, we’re having chicken for dinner tonight.

Claire: And fries?

Me: No. Just chicken tonight. But, good chicken.

Claire: Good chicken!

Me: Exactly.

Claire: And fries!

Me: We’ve created a monster.

Claire: Ok! Chicken and fries.

Anyways. Fries came with ketchup. And Claire, just like the kid in Big Daddy, will literally eat thirty packets of ketchup. So, she had some ketchup and a little bit of ice cream for a nice Saturday afternoon treat. Claire and Danielle had some pretty good naps. And I had some nice quiet time. So, basically it was a fairly uneventful weekend. Hope yours was too.

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