…But It Does Make Me Think About This

Part of the problem with having a Super Orange Wall in your house is that it messes with the color balance algorithms in my phone camera. On the left is a picture with incandescent light and the other is with the white LED light on the camera phone flash. Your full function digital cameras allow for you to adjust for these settings on the camera. And, some allow for you to control it all in the processing after the fact. Camera phones, though. Not so much.

And, now I must break your brain. This article, from Into The Abyss, Teal and Orange – Hollywood Please Stop The Madness will talk to you about this phenomenon in the film processing of the modern motion picture era. Probably don’t read it if you have an issue with seeing the color orange everywhere. For the brave few, the worst of the psychological effects last about a month. Maybe two weeks.

But, this effect is similar to the cause of everything seeming so Orange in our house sometimes. People included. In our case, it’s because we willingly put a giant Orange Color wall there.

And. We. Love. The. Awesomeness.

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