Lion Moomie!

Lion Moomie is Claire Speak for The Lion King. Danielle’s mom got Claire a kids version of a portable DVD player. And, on nights when Claire is having a bit of a hyper active evening, it’s nice to set up shop with her in the guest bed and put on a DVD. It’s a trick, you see? Because this way she willingly ensconces herself in a dark and comfortable room. Tricks of the trade, and such, that is.

But, the actual Lion King is more to the topic I’m speaking to tonight. You know. Disney movies are a classic part of Being A Toddler. And I support that. In part because it’s a nice way to sneak a cuddle. Also, whether you think it or not, the cinema is the American art form. And Disney is a large part of that collective consciousness. Claire really enjoyed The Princess and the Frog. So, we thought, let’s try The Lion King. The first time she saw Mufassa get killed she flipped out. I mean, I didn’t remember it as so being so intense. But, it really is. Danielle and Claire were watching it and I got called in to prove that Daddy was actually quite alright. I think it gave her nightmares for a couple days. But, after that settled, she really enjoys the rest of the movie. And now frequently asks to watch The Lion Moomie. In fact, tonight I was a bit late on account of work. She was all ready for bed time by the time I got home. She gave me a drive by kiss, stole some of my food, and implored her mom to start The Lion Moomie. So, see ya later little Claire.

What I was trying to capture with the first two pictures above is how she watches that scene now. She watches it, yells “Simba! Hold on! Hold on!” and worries her hands. It’s really interesting to see such intensity in your child. I can’t really describe. But, she is completely involved in the film and she comprehends the events. I mean, sure. She thinks Mufassa is sleeping until the end for his Star Wars Reappearance. But, it’s the worrying of the hands that is really neat.

I watched some of the movie with her tonight and I was practically ordered to also yell at Simba to hold on. So, you’re welcome world. I helped to save Simba. How Mufassa didn’t know that a younger brother named Scar would betray him in the end is beyond me. Or, why he runs head long into a stampede. But, you know. Child! Danger! Act! I understand it from the perspective of a parent.

And, the last picture. This last picture is the happy aftermath of a successful wind down. Mom, Baby Claire and Skeletor 2.0 all resting comfortable. Incidentally, this will get me in trouble. It’s been nice knowing all of you. But, hey. Hakuna matata, man.

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