Ticonderoga Farms: The Funinationing

This trip was Diana’s idea. She planned it out and everything. And, you know. If I’m being honest. My initial opinion was that the trip may be a disaster. But, Auntie Diana wants to spend time with Claire and I totally support that. Plus, you know. Brother/sister time. Now, I’m saying this so you’ll understand when I say that this was a hell of a good time, I’m not taking credit. Diana did real good.

The place had a bit of a petting zoo area, and bunch of slides down a high hill, some swings, a play ground and a giant bouncy cushion that you usually see in the water. And Claire LOVED it. Seriously. Now, there were a few moments at the start where she sat at a full sized picnic table and made on over like it was one of the rides. It was the same way with her in Disney and the Big Bus! transit system.

But, wow. Those slides were surprisingly fun. I’m not sure Claire is going to be satisfied with her mini slide on the porch or across the street at the park anymore. In fact, I may go back on my own just to play. At one point, we were playing with Claire on the playground, helping her climb tires and such, when she announced “Slide!” and wandered off on her own to the hill with the slides. In fact, after every other thing we did that day she announced “Slide!” and wandered off to find them again.

Also. Yes. Claire totally hugged a baby goat. We asked her if she wanted to pet one, and well. She hugs the dog when she’s done petting her. So, I guess she figured it would be rude not to hug the goat after she was done petting it. After she hugged the goat, she tried to steal the food cart. I took a picture instead of telling her to stop. Because. Come on. It was adorable.

I have a video of us on the bouncing ballon thing. But, I’m on the bouncing balloon. So, the visual will probably make you nauseous. But! I may post it later this week just so you can hear the audio. Claire laughing like a maniac. In fact, Claire laughed like a maniac the entire time we were there. I think it’s the most fun she’s had in a single place since Michelle’s wedding party.

A great time was had by all of us. There are a couple other videos from this day that I’ll post later in the week. I don’t think I’ll save them for the regular Friday rounds because they’d be spread out over too long a time period. So, keep your eyes peeled. But, for now. Enjoy the photos. And be sure to tell my sister she won Auntie of the Year for this one.

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