What A Goofball!

So, yesterday I took Claire downstairs with me. I needed something and Claire required my company. While I was searching for what I needed, she pulled on my slippers and started running around the ottoman like a maniac. It was like we were playing tag and she was winning. Only, I was just standing there snapping pictures. I was more like an obstacle in her game of tag. With which she seemed satisfied.

She’s covering her eyes in the middle picture because one of the pictures I took had the flash on. And that startled her. So, she sat on the bench to pose for a picture. But, while posing she covered her eyes and told me Picture Bright!

Also, the lowest shelf on our new shelves has apparently been reserved as Claire’s Bench. She sits on it and then gestures wildly over her head and shouts Story Books at me. So, then we go upstairs and read some her books. This, too, seems to suit her.

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