Face Time!

Holy what the what. If I had known that the Face Time feature on iPhone could be used thusly, I’d’ve done this three hundred times. So, for those that don’t know, the iPhones now come with an HD camera on the back and a lesser camera facing the front for video chat. When you use the front camera, you can see what you’re doing on the screen whilst doing it. Shooting video is a bit like driving in reverse using the rear view mirror. What? I like my car analogies.

Anyroad. This is what happens when you give your kid some chocolate and a front seat to ham it up in. When she’s touching her face, it’s because she’s watching herself touch her face. And when she says “Hi Cuhlaire!” it’s because she’s greeting herself. Off video, I took some pictures of her and myself like that and she alternated between greeting Video Dad and Video Cuhlaire.

I was going to post Thanksgiving photos today. But, come on. Seriously. This is ADORABLE!

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