Thanksgiving Pictures

It was a good Thanksgiving. Well spent with family. There was Rocking Horse, Apples, Softballs, Auntie Di Nina, Good Food!, cleaning the pool with Granma, and Parades. Not too mention Cute Shoes and a tutu.

The picture of Danielle at the table. I really don’t know what was happening there. I was taking a picture of Claire and upon review Danielle is making some kind of gesture. I assume she was telling a story about “an elephant, THIS tall”.

Diana and I both blacked out after dinner. Claire was kind enough to give her Aunti Di Nina a good night kiss. And, she was subsequently kind enough to drag me out of my make shift bed. Danielle tells me that they had a conversation about it first.

Claire: Daddy sleeping?

Danielle: Yes, daddy’s sleeping.

Claire: He tired?

Danielle: Yes. Very tired.

Claire: Night night?

Danielle: Yup.

Claire: We wake him up! Okay? Of course.

Danielle: Okay?

And then Claire promptly dragged me off the couch. I choose to think of that as a demonstration of the kind of pure love that only a child can show their parents.

Claire had a ball though. She was in remarkably good form the entire afternoon. She ate good and played hard. And, best of all, blacked out on the way home and went straight to bed. As a parent, I can tell you that this is the best sort of day possible. And, as a parent that feeling is usually expressed through a combination of laughter and tears.

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