The Chipmunk Boogaloo

One of the down sides of having a super hairy dog is, well. There’s hair. Everywhere. Vacuum twice and a day and there’s still hair everywhere. And we’re not a Vacuum Twice A Day kind of family. So. Hair. Yikes!

The real down side is apparently the occasional combination of said hair and a toddler in the throes of Chipmunk Syndrome. Chipmunk Syndrome, you say? Yeah. It’s a real thing. It’s when toddlers take to wandering about and getting into stuff whilst storing bites of food in their cheek that they slowly masticate over the course of twenty minutes. I think it’s actually going to be in the DSM V. But, you know. That’s just hearsay. So far.

Anyroad, Claire caught a couple stray hairs whilst playing with the dog and started, well. The ominous precursor sounds to regurgitation. Danielle caught her in time. And, by her I do mean the regurgitated food. I went for help. But was sidetracked upon noticing my camera phone. The picture is shaky because it’s an Action Photo. And, by Action Photo I mean Photo I Took Whilst Being Scolded By, You Know, Everyone.

The follow up picture is Claire after her bath. I mean. Dinner was there. And she obviously had room for more. Seriously. We don’t stage these things. Kids will literally puke, bathe and run naked down the hall for another bite of food.

It’s unsettling. Still, you know. You got to eat.

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