Engaged To Mayhem

She seems happily engaged, right? WRONG! Well. Yes, right. But, it’s like the difference between potential and kinetic energy. Claire’s ability to explode into mayhem is a lot like a ball perched at the top of a steep ramp. There’s so much potential.

Danielle had an appointment at the doctors that required her to be there for an extended time. And, you know. Claire was surprisingly well behaved. Until she started rearranging everything and appropriating treats for herself. She even slid books down into the slot between the wall and the cushion of the exam chair. When the mid wife noticed, she thought it was adorable and said as much. Same for when she appropriated herself a treat from the candy jar.

Poor Danielle was stuck trying to explain something like the Singing Frog to the mid wife. I don’t think it ended with Danielle screaming “SHE’S MAD I TELL YOU! MAD!” But, you know. I feel for her position.

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