The Set Up

I frequently mention that we don’t set up any of the pictures or videos for the blog. It would defeat the purpose. But, more than that, Claire doesn’t play along. She knows what’s happening if we try and simply refuses to acknowledge any exhortations.

This is an example of that. Twelve seconds before I started filming she was avidly walking around quoting Dora the Explorer. There’s Dora and Boots. But, there’s always Swiper who is constantly, well, swiping things. And you have to yell “Swiper! No swiping.” And sometimes you have to say, “Aw man.” Well, when I started filming the first time she stopped immediately. So, we put Dora on the phone which was conveniently on a relevant scene.

At about two thirds of the way through you see Claire look at me. That look expresses just about everything that would need to be said. Seriously, my two year old daughter has mastered the teenaged eye roll. Honestly, I’m impressed.

Well, now. Yes, at the time I called her a brat. But, you know. In a loving and admiring way. Such disdain for The Man. Respect.

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