Operation Prepare Claire For The New Baby

Claire puts the babies to bed. Albeit, on a pillow in the middle of the floor most frequently. But, still. It’s something. After she puts them to bed, she implores everyone around to TALK QUIETLY. And then she encourages everyone to go night night. In fact, she even pretends to go to sleep herself. I believe I have some audio to share at some point of her fake snoring as she pretends to be asleep.

I can’t know who she’s imitating.

She’s also taken to putting her old cloth infant diapers on the baby. So, that’s great. If all goes according to plan, Claire will baby sit the new baby whilst Danielle and I live it up vacationing across the world. That’s how two kids work, right? Right? Oh god. What if it isn’t? Mistakes may have been made.

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