The Ooze

My eyes, I’m pretty sure, are oozing. Everything is oozing. Maybe I’ll turn in to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Possibly related, the cold medicine is messing with my sense of what exactly represents too much information.

Carry on.

One Of THOSE Days

Today was a day. I’m afraid all I have left at the end of it is fortune cookie wisdom. Today was a day. Tomorrow is indeed another. And wherever you are, well. There you are.

We spent the majority of the day in the ER. Everyone is alive and well. Well, well-ish. Claire is truly on the mend, so that’s one heck of an upside. Harper is happily chugging along, like the happy awesome mutant parasite she is. Danielle, on the other hand, has the pneumonia. I’ve typed it enough times today that I didn’t even have to let auto correct fix it. I knocked off work to sit with Danielle and we spent several hours watching Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure on a muted television in the ER while they gave her several bags of fluids. I hear they’re thinking about making a third one. Another Bill and Ted Adventure, that is.

At the conclusion, they gave her an inhaler to help with the breathing and some antibiotics for the pneumonia part. My mom was a big help, bringing Claire to and from day care. Hospital visits are hard when you have a kid. Still, they are harder when you’re there because of the kid. So, another upside. Downside, I’m developing a similar cough what that Danielle and Claire so enjoyed. It’s been a long January.

So, why the rabbit in the Princess Dress? I’m not sure if you know this about Danielle and I, but! We’re closet supporters of Build-A-Bear. You know, we’ve been together for almost twelve and half years. One of our longest running traditions is an annual visit to the BAB. Hence the Table-O-Stuffed-Animals. About a month before Claire was born, we decided to go and make one for her. Now, when you have a kid people just give you stuff. Tons of it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s good that they do. Because, you don’t know. You just don’t know what you’ll need. In that shuffle, this rabbit got pushed to the side in favor of this or that other toy. Namely, Winnie the Pooh. I believe that was Michelle. And a damn fine gift it was. Claire loves that bear. Well, really those bears now. Because you’ve got to have at least ten of your kid’s favorite stuffed animal. They take a beating. I’m sure you noticed the electric shock color Pooh that has made an appearance of late. That’s what the others used to look like. I restocked when we were down in Florida for Michelle’s wedding.

Anyroad. It was nice to find it. I was going to give it to her the other night, but she saw the turtle from Nemo. And it was love at first sight. Besides, if we’re being honest, the rabbit was really for Danielle and I. Don’t tell anyone, ok? It will be our secret.

Point is, making a family is hard. Being pregnant and a mom is hard. Being a husband and a father is hard. This experience isn’t ideal, but it ain’t abnormal either. And you have to find a way to push ahead. And for me, today, it was recalling the experience of getting the rabbit and sharing a completely different toy with my daughter two years later because, well. Because, she’s like a person. And she knows stuff. From experiences we shared. And it’s awesome. And not the Ninja Turtle Surfer Dude (no disrespect) bastardization of the word. I’m talking biblical. And sooner than later it will be all of this times two. And if we can use the last two years as a guide, I’m very excited to see what comes next.

Now with that pep talk out of the way (because this one was for me) I’m going to go self medicate with a hearty helping of NyQuil and see how sleep goes.

Blerg: The Blerginationing

I was fake sick. Not, mind, faking it. But, you know the kind of sick where you’re just like, look. I need a day to clear this. That’s a cold. Danielle and Claire. Whew. That’s sick. Claire is on the mend as far as we can tell. Significantly less coughing on her part today than yesterday. So, positive movement. This cold is wrecking Danielle’s ability to breathe. And you know when you’re pregnant, especially like twelve months pregnant like Danielle, this stuff has to be seen by a doctor.

It’s all very unnerving for me. I think because her primary issue is breathing. Which I can’t do anything for. And it’s weird to stare at both of them while they’re sleeping. Right? As though if I don’t watch them, they might not breathe. It’s akin to flying and feeling compelled to hold the airplane in the air through the armrests.

I remember feeling like that about Claire for the first several weeks after we brought her home. Every time she slept I’d have to check on her and make sure. On that timeline back to normalcy, a week after Danielle feels better I’ll be able to stop staring at her while she sleeps. This may complicate our marriage.

Outside of crazy town, where I am currently Mayor, they’re both doing well. Danielle is taking the day to rest, my mom is going to take Claire to day care and I’m back at work. So, for a family with a two year old on the mend and a wife that’s like eight months pregnant and sick with The Plague, everything is totally normal and fine. You forget these moments, after the kids are born. You do. And then you relive them and the sheer panic seems vaguely familiar. Making a family is weird.

Sick Days Are For Losers

I was the kind of sick that a day to recuperate really addresses. Poor Claire, is genuinely struggling with a cough. The pediatrician is back to thinking she’s got the coughing cold. Partly because it presents as a sort of laryngitis in adults, which Danielle has. And, you know Danielle is like twelve months pregnant, right?

Basically what I’m saying is that just because I stayed home from work for feeling unwell, doesn’t really mean a pity party rains down on me from any of the rest of the family. I continued cleaning the house for the work day, cooked dinner, and watched Claire. So. I’m just saying. It’s been a day. No particular reason that I’m noting my extreme business.

Now, please note the pictures provided tonight. None of those are Claire’s. I really did find all of those stuffed animals left downstairs, apparently collected by Danielle and myself over the last nearly dozen years or so. Couple of regular adults, we are. However, given Claire’s recent fascination with Finding Nemo, and her current coughing fits, I did give her the Sea Turtle stuffed animal from Nemo. When she saw the table she said “Dragon!” (Malificent) “Dragon!” (Albert, the Gator) “SEA TURTLE SEA TURTLE SEA TURTLE!”

So, Good Parenting, Me.

Another Weekend Gone

Danielle and I recently came to the realization that we’re, like, you know. Gonna have another kid here in a few short weekends. So, we’ve really been running around the last couple weekends trying to get the final move in details done. Not Harper’s, mind. That’s covered. She’ll get Claire’s stuff and like it. I’m talking about ours. It’s been a project. De-Stuffing our house. We realized that if it ain’t done by the time the baby arrives, it won’t be done til another year.

In that spirit, We’ve got the great room downstairs well under way to livable. It’s sort of jumping ahead, but yeah. That’s me next to our make shift screen what with our projector set up. It’s life-sized. No big deal.

What I’m really trying to say is that I spent the weekend up to awesome stuff for Danielle and I. And less so for managing the Christmas photos on the blog. I hope you aren’t jealous.

Plus side for you, I’m out sick tomorrow. It’s karma. All that smack talk about “Whose Immune System? Run’s Immune System!” But! Project 682 might yet be accomplished.

The Date Is What?

I can’t believe it’s the 18th. Christmas was almost a month ago. You know, being a parent, an expecting parent, a husband and an employed member of society is demanding. You people have to keep me on track here. I’d’ve set a car on fire already, demanding the Christmas photos.

It’s now been promoted to Weekend Project 682. Ima get on that.

Meanwhile, do you see how adorable my daughter is? Even sick she’s sharing her movie with her toys. It took her like five minutes to get them all set up just so. And she spent the next fifteen describing the plot of a Blues Clues Baby Sister episode to them. In the way only a two year old can. I turned off the news and listened to that instead. It was way better. Not that the news was setting a high bar. But, still. I’d’ve come out of a play station coma for that.