What You Missed…On Twitter

Happy New Year! Yaay. We’ve returned! Okay, that happened a few days ago. But, somebody bought me a play station game for Christmas and, well. I’ve been in a Play Station Coma for either three days or fourteen centuries. It’s really hard to gauge. It’s a time slip scenario.

Anyroad. Here are some pictures you might have caught via the Twitter machine. If not, and that’s okay if not, I thought you might like to see them. Sort of a time line of events. So, without further ado, the accompanying tweets (It’s more fun if you assign the captions randomly to the assorted pictures):

“Pooh! I said Look At The Plane!”

“Claire finally being calm, watching the Nutcracker with family.”

“What are bestest friends ever for?”

“Christmas Morning Play Time!”

“Distributor of presents…and luh-uh-ving it!”

“Courtesy of my daughter. ‘Evertine a bell rings a daddy gets a bow on his head.”

“Playing dress up with my daughter. I. Look. Awesome. Like Eyes Wide Shut in a hoodie.”

That concludes the re-presenting of the relevant tweets. Well, that wasn’t all of them. But, most of the rest have bad words in them. Because I’m Twitter Tough Guy. What what!

Other things that you missed in the Great Christmas Break of 2011. Um, when we got back Danielle and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. And the theater caught on fire in the first five minutes of the film. And they evacuated it and ultimately closed it down because, well. You know. Fire. If you’ve ever tried to get a baby sitter, you will know how ‘us-focused’ we were in the local movie theater’s Great Crisis of Christmas Break 2011. Seriously. I felt bad for the manager in the aftermath. He was handing out readmission tickets to a mob of people. Based on the atmosphere, I’m pretty sure the National Guard should have been present.

So, we drove across town, after letting our babysitter go home to family dinner, and gang pressed my parents into looking after Claire so we could try again. And, yay! Fire did not strike twice.

We had Christmas with my family today. With a quality prime rib dinner. So, things are looking up.

Oh. And we picked a name for the new baby. I may have buried the lede.

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