On Hats And Candy

The good news up front: Claire isn’t sick! It was a sort of false alarm. Two nights ago she had a fever of a 101. It turns out she was just REALLY feeling Foreigner. The next day she woke up and was fine.

The bad news: Danielle is still sick. And I’ve learned so much from this experience. For instance, two year olds can tell when Mom’s and Dad’s are sick. And they express the most tender hearted concern that burns through even the strongest built psychic walls with a warmth that only tears can put out. The happiest proudest tears. And then after that twenty seconds they run around like maniacs. Hyper charged instruments of chaos and destruction. And what you should not do, under any circumstance, is bribe them with candy. Because, holy hell, it just doesn’t stop.

Claire literally spent the afternoon bouncing off walls. She even did a front flip off a chair. Which was pretty much our cue to duct tape her to a bed. The great part about that madness is after five hours of intensity they literally black out when they stop moving.

Basically, what I’m is saying is: Mea Culpa. I missed a day. But, you know. Parenting. It’s demanding. And, we’re going to have that fun times two in less time than I can hold my breath. Yay.

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