Claire’s Turn To Dress

Claire has discovered Turns. She has yet to master pronouns. Which lately leads to a lot of “Claire’s turn…” to whatever. And I’m cool with that. I think it’s neat that she’s really into Turns and I’m eager to facilitate the sharing. Because, as near I can figure, she does not come from a long line of Sharers on either side of the family. Sorry family. So, I may not understand sharing, but I think it’s adorable.

A side effect of this is that it is facilitating her desire to dress herself. She’s taken in the last few days to wearing an old infant sized button up onesy thing as a smock. And she begs to have the snaps on the leg done up properly. And while we’re buttoning it up, of course, some of the snaps are Claire’s Turn.

But, it’s a little…interesting. She wants to wear the onesy, a Princess Dress and that knit cap and some boots she got for Christmas. I mean, it’s a Get Up. That’s for sure. And this digital record of that fashion sense is going to be gold once she starts dating. Which, I’m sure as you’ve all seen on the television ads, will be worth the national debt per ounce by the time she starts dating in twenty five years. So, yeah.

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